Equine Facilitated Occupational Therapy

Utilising the outdoors to connect with nature, ourselves and each other


Mindfulness can be brought into our everyday life, you can be mindful while eating, standing, lying down, walking, peeling potatoes, having a bath and so on.

Equine Therapy

For thousand of years the bond between man and animal has proven to be effective in creating an emotional, healing bond.

Yoga Therapy

We offer Yoga Therapy which includes not only the physical practice of yoga but also breathing techniques and mediation

Sensory Integration

The Sensory Profile is designed as a trait measure of sensory processing patterns and effects on functional performance.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a science based degree, health and social care profession, regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council. Occupational therapy takes a whole-person approach to both mental and physical health and well-being, enabling individuals to achieve their full potential.

About us and our values

We are an Outdoor Therapeutic Centre based in the heart of the stunning Kent countryside. We combine evidence-based scientific research with ancient wellbeing practices to offer bespoke programmes for groups and individuals. Our unique experiential programmes are designed to enable people to improve their own physical and mental health by reconnecting with nature.

We are passionate about connection and community and these values underpin the work we do and the special place we have created. We believe that the connection with self, others and the natural world, is vital for optimal wellness and health.

Through powerful therapies, carried out in the natural environment, we nurture people’s connection with themselves and the world around them. We open their eyes, bodies and minds to the inspiration and healing powers of our community that is comprised of people, place and animals.

Who we work with and how we support them

Oak Therapies strives to be open to everyone of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We create personalised programmes for children, adults and families. Our work has supported people with various neurological, mental and physical health conditions and we take time to personally connect with all of our visitors, building a nurturing relationship where everyone feels safe and secure.

We know that, as sensory beings, humans are intertwined with the natural world but evidence shows that a disconnection has occurred through our modern lifestyles that takes us away from our natural way of ‘being’. We are all made increasingly aware of the profoundly negative impact that this has on our whole wellbeing. Chronic stress, leading to overwhelm and burnout are experienced by many as well as deep trauma that never has an opportunity to heal.

We invite people to come and visit a place where life’s imbalance can be readdressed; where stress can be alleviated and where trauma can be healed.

We do this by sharing the reparative elements of nature, along with specialised therapies, that both aid self-regulation of our nervous systems and gives our brain a break from the sensory overload that dominates our everyday lifestyles.

Our specialised therapies form part of our programmes and include: Equine Therapy, Biophilia Hypothesis, Yoga Therapy, Breathing Techniques, Meditation, Mindfulness and Sensory Therapy.

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