Equine Therapy

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Throughout my life I have always been passionate about supporting people, being outdoors and spending time with animals. I feel fortunate enough to have found a career where I am able incorporate all these activities. Much of my passion comes through my treatments, such as my love for horses and being outdoors.

Since childhood being with horses has brought me great joy, and helped me when times have been hard. The simple act of the horse acknowledging me and showing affection brings great peace and contentment. Through equine therapy I have seen children and adults grow in their confidence, learn to trust again and find a sense of purpose. I offer bespoke equine therapy to individuals or groups.

About Equine Therapy

“Nowt fixes the inside of a man’s head better than the outside of a horse”.

For thousands of years the connection between man and animal has proven effective in creating an emotional, healing bond. Horses are used by physical, speech and occupational therapists to reach their patients on a personal level. Horse therapy can benefit a wide range of adults and children, including those with behavioural challenges, mental health problems and learning difficulties. It helps to improve mental and physical well-being and social skills. Children with autism also benefit from equine therapy due to the motor, emotional, and sensory sensations that come with riding a horse.

I have trained with Athena heard certificate level in Equine Facilitated Learning ACCPH accredited. EFL Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is the process of learning about oneself and how one is in the moment – developing self-awareness.  Therefore, once aware we can explore what happens when we change.  Importantly, we can nurture the skill of self-regulation.  As an Occupational Therapist I use ever activity that we do with the horses, from care of, leading, grooming, and even observing, as a therapeutic tool that can support the individual. I believe passionately in the positive outcomes that can be achieved through working with horses in a therapeutic manner. This can be from the care of horses such as grooming, to herd watching or just being with the horses. Each session is planned individually according to each person’s needs and requirements.

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