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There are not many people out there who have not heard the word ‘mindfulness’. The concept has been introduced into our lives and we have embraced it in a variety of ways. I discovered mindfulness at university, when my mind felt like it was over-spilling with information. By learning to be mindful, I learned to live in the present, accept it moment-by-moment, and to let go of the things beyond my control. I learned breathe. This all sounds wonderful I know, but it did take practice and time. I teach the mindfulness 8-week programme in either 1:1 sessions or as group work. Each week has a set of mindfulness activities for individuals to learn. I aim to teach each person how to bring mindfulness into their lives in a way that holds meaning to them.

About Mindfulness

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”- Buddha

Mindfulness can be brought into our everyday life, you can be mindful whilst eating, standing, lying down, walking, peeling potatoes, having a bath and so on. Mindfulness is a meditation, however you do not have to sit on the floor crossed-legged, although you can if you want to! Mindfulness simply means being in the moment, paying full, conscious attention, and watching the world unfold in front of you moment by moment, suspending judgement and to accepting life in the here and now.

Mindfulness teaches us that thoughts are just thoughts; we can acknowledge them whilst not letting them take control of our lives. In the 8-week programme, whether individually or in a group programme, you will be taught different mindfulness exercises, supported through the process of learning. With practice, it can help ease anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion and irritability.

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