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The sessions delivered to our clients has a profound impact on their mental and physical health, we noticed a big difference in their wellbeing and capacity to self regulate and calm.

Paula Brown Manager

Headway Southeast

The ‘Therapeutic Relaxation’ Program run through Carers Support South East made a huge difference to how I felt , I was nervous and anxious most of the time, Caelia taught me tools to help calm and relax my nervous system through breathing practices, mindfulness and meditation.

Marion Hawley

Carers Support UK

Having worked with Caroline for a number of years, in a number of settings I can safely say she is just fantastic! With her equine knowledge and her expertise with the mind and body, Caroline and her ponies create a safe, therapeutic environment for the children to thrive in. Caroline is always willing to ‘think outside the box’ to help the more vulnerable and challenging children and is always accommodating and flexible within the sessions. Being around the beautiful ponies is a calming, inspirational experience and one I would most definitely recommend. 

Alison Neal 

Head Teacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Little Acorns School

My son Rudy attends weekly sessions with Caroline and her wonderful ponies. 

Carolines approach, technics and understanding have enabled Rudy to grow in confidence, bulid his strength, help with his wellbeing both mentally and physically.  

He enjoys every session come rain or shine. 




The gentle seated yoga and breathing workshops helped us all relax and feel more comfortable and connected within our own bodies, we loved the outdoor classes too this really helped us feel grounded and present.

Nikki Chandler – Leader

Fibromyalgia Support Group Kent

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